Port security

Internal order, the movement and loitering of individuals, as well as vehicle and vessel traffic in all areas under the administration of Luka Koper d.d. (hereinafter Luka Koper) are regulated by the Rules on Internal Order at Luka Koper (effective as of 15.4.2011). Security at the Port of Koper is provided by Luka Koper specialist services and state authorities of the Republic of Slovenia.

A security system is established for the Port of Koper (port zone) and other areas under the administration of Luka Koper. This system encompasses:

  • access control;
  • video surveillance;
  • intrusion prevention systems, and
  • fire protection systems.

The security systems are installed and used in compliance with statutory provisions valid in the Republic of Slovenia.

Contact information:

  • Tel: +386 5 66 56 786 (8.00-16.00) or +386 5 66 56 950 (24 hours)
  • E: dimitrij.lokovsek(at)luka-kp.si 

Movement within the Port of Koper

Entrance to and movement within the Port of Koper is only allowed to those with a valid personal ID document and a valid permit issued by the General Security and Maritime Protection Service.

Permits shall be issued upon a written request made using the prescribed, correctly completed and endorsed form. The applicant, or the person responsible, shall guarantee the accuracy and veracity of information entered in the form. The request for the permit must be submitted at least two (2) days prior to the effective date of the permit.

Individuals with firearms are liable to inform the security service as to any such possession. The service shall either allow their entrance or request the deposit of firearms.

Fire safety and accidents involving hazardous substances

The use of open flame within the port zone or premises of Luka Koper is only allowed with the permit issued by the fire department of the General Security and Maritime Protection Service

  • Smoking is only allowed in specified and indicated zones.

If anyone notices an immediate fire hazard, explosion or other type of accident, they should eliminate the hazard or extinguish the fire, if such can be done without causing harm to themselves or others. In the event of fire or other accident, notify the operator at the security service monitoring centre: Tel.  +386 (0)5 66 56 950.

Luka Koper has also elaborated a Fire Safety Order.

Abstract of the Rules on Internal Order within the Port of Koper Zone

  • Clients may only enter the enclosed zone (operations area) of the Port of Koper with a valid Permit issued by the competent service of Luka Koper d.d.
  • Surveillance over individuals who enter the port zone is performed by security personnel who have the right to require that any person submit a Permit and a personal identity document. If required, security personnel are also entitled to implement procedures in compliance with the Private Security Act (inspection of baggage and belongings, examination of vehicle interiors, superficial inspection of outer garments).
  • Permits shall be issued by the General and Maritime Protection Service (hereon in: the protection service) upon a client's legitimate written request.
  • A Permit holder is obliged to use the shortest and most direct route to reach their destination facility within the port zone, which the protection service may check, and, upon any eventual violation, direct the Permit holder to use the prescribed route. In the event that a Permit holder refuses to follow such instructions, a security officer has the right to remove such a person from the port zone.
  • The Permit is valid from the date of its issue until the expiry date stated in the permit, and this shall be for a maximum of one year.
  • In addition to the Permit, the Permit holder is obliged to keep a valid personal identity document upon their person at all times.
  • A permanent Permit may also be issued to the personnel of contracting companies who operate from a base within the port zone, or perform work within the port zone for an indefinite period of time.
  • A permanent Permit, as described in the previous item, shall be issued on the basis of an applicant's written request, which sustains reasons for entry into the port zone, together with a personal identity document (ID card, passport, driving licence or any other valid official document bearing a photograph) which the client shall submit to security officers.
  • All visitors are obliged to inform the security officer at the port gate as to the purpose of their visit and the name of a person they intend to visit.
  • The Permit is issued in the name and surname of an identifiable individual or the registration plate of a vehicle; as such, it is not transferable.

Providing health and safety at work in the Port of Koper

Any person performing works or present in the Port of Koper area  shall be obliged to provide health and safety at work to the employees and any othe person present in the Port of Koper area. The Rules on providing health and safety at work in the Port of Koper shall apply to any person present in the Port of Koper area.

Persons performing works in the Port of Koper shall be obliged to be in possess of the Statement on the safety jointly with the risk assessment. Medical examination, professional qualifications, wearing of personal protective equipment must be provided to their employees. The working equipment and facilities shall have to be safe to use, provided with required certificates and regularly checked. The registered vehicles must have valid registration; vehicles for internal transport must be checked pursuant to the regulations related to the health and safety at work.
Luka Koper. shall have the right to check at any time the proofs on health and safety at work. 

The Surveillance and Security Department must be informed about any emergency (injury at work, material damage, fire and similar) on phone +386 5 665 69 50, the notification about a serious injury must be communicated to the Labour Inspection.

Anti-terrorist measures (ISPS)

The security service, together with the national authorities, implements protective measures to prevent terrorist actions. These measures are based on the Port of Koper Security Plan, which complies with the requirements established by the Solas Convention, ISPS Code and Regulation of the European Parliament and Council of Europe on increased protection of vessels and ports. Compliance is presented in the Declaration on Conformity of the Port Facility.

By way of a Decree issued by the Slovenian Maritime Administration in December 2023, Mr Dimitrij Lokovšek was appointed Port Facility Security Officer responsible for the implementation of security measures at the Port of Koper.

Prepovedi na območju koprskega pristanišča

Na celotnem področju PCC ali na njegovih posameznih delih je fotografiranje in snemanje dovoljeno le z dovoljenjem, ki ga na podlagi pisne prošnje stranke in s privolitvijo lastnika blaga, če gre za blago, izda služba varovanja, velja pa skupaj z dovolilnico za vstop v PCC.

Na območju koprskega pristanišča je prepovedano uživanje alkoholnih pijač in psihoaktivnih substanc.

Na območje koprskega pristanišča in v poslovne prostore je osebam prepovedanvnos orožja, eksploziva in drugih nevarnih snovi. Vnos orožja je dovoljen le pooblaščenim osebam državnih organov.

Harbour area

The Port of Koper harbour is the area of sea defined by the co-ordinates in the Decree (see Official Gazette of RS No. 71/2008); it encompasses the following:

  • the Rižana river in the total length of its riverbed through the port zone;
  • the channel leading to the Škocjanski Zatok wetlands;
  • port basins, and
  • navigational channels.

Entry to the port is only permitted to cargo vessels, passenger vessels and naval vessels upon the previous notification of the Slovenian Maritime Administration (hereinafter URSP). Other vessels can only enter the port with a permit issued by Luka Koper's Service for Co-ordination of Operations and Maritime Activity, upon the prior consent of the URSP.

The provisions of the above paragraph shall not apply to vessels operated by state authorities or the armed forces of the Republic of Slovenia , nor shall they apply to tugs and various other craft providing port services (tugs, pilot launches, dredgers as well as other vessels used for inspection, waste removal, facility maintenance, navigation and safety).

Vessels shall be moored at designated berths, except when otherwise determined due to operational requirements or safety.

Any action which may threaten the safety of people or property, pollute the environment, impede maritime safety or cause damage to the quayside, machinery or facilities, is prohibited.

Further to this, any action contrary to the prescribed order within the Port ofKoper, or the territorial waters of the Republic of Slovenia, is also prohibited.

Both the URSP and  Luka Koper’s General Security and the Maritime Protection Service, which is competent in the field of safety, security, operational co-ordination and maritime safety at the Port of Koper, must be notified in advance – and give their consent – in relation to any activities which are to take place within the harbour area.

In the event of the entry of an unauthorised vessel or other unauthorised activities in the harbour area, the security service shall implement measures compliant with their mandate, and inform the competent state authorities thereof.

Traffic and the parking of motor vehicles

  • Passenger vehicles not belonging to Luka Koper shall only be allowed within the port zone if they have a valid permit issued by General Security and Maritime Protection Service. This rule does not apply to vehicles used by the police service, the Slovenian armed forces, fire brigade, ambulance service and paramedics.
  • Upon entry to the Port of Koper , vehicle permits should be placed in a visible place on the vehicle windshield/windscreen, whilst the vehicle passengers must produce their personal permits.
  • Drivers are obliged to follow the traffic ordinance, regulated by traffic signals, and the instructions of General Security and Maritime Protection Service personnel.
  • In order to enter the port zone, drivers have to pay a toll fee for the use of the Port of Koper infrastructure.
  • Motor vehicles are only permitted to use the designated roadways; vehicle access to other areas is not permitted.  
  • Driving along or parking on operational areas or access ways is not permitted; vehicles used by Luka Koper d.d. personnel in the performance of their work may use such areas.
  • Parking is only allowed at the specified and marked parking zones.
  • Any vehicle within the Port of Koper which is left unattended in a non-designated area, contrary to the provisions of the Rules on Internal Orderand thereby posing a threat to safety or disturbing port operations and transportation, may be removed from that area by the General Security and Maritime Protection Service at the expense of the vehicle owner.