On the basis of the environmental permit issued by the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia Luka Koper has received the building permit for construction of  the oil derivatives terminal on Pier no. 2. The building permit, which was issued by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, includes: construction of 6 shore tanks (each with 20,000 m3 of capacity) with steel security tank-pits, truck and wagon loading stations with access road and railway track, jetty, fire-fight pump station with appertaining water supply, communal and fire-fight infrastructure and other technical equipment, In the first stage, which should be finished in the first half of 2008, three shore tanks will be built. The remaining three should be built by 2010.

The total investment amounts to 20 million EUR and represents an important development achievement, which will significantly influence the business of the company. The throughput of oil derivatives will increase for 250,00 tonnes per annum. Liquid bulk is an important cargo segment of Luka Koper and represent some 15% of total maritime throughput of 2007. The investment into shore tanks for jet fuel will not substantially affect the operation expenses, with the exception of the depreciation of the investment itself. We estimate the investment shall return in a period of seven years.