At the end of July the Chinese shipowner COSCO is introducing a new regular container shipping line between the Port of Naples and the Port of Koper.

COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company) is the biggest shipping company and logistic corporation in China and is among the 10 biggest worldwide. It operates about 600 commercial vessels with a total capacity of 30 millions DWT. 140 of these are container vessels with a total capacity of 320,000 TEUs.

On a weekly basis the feeder vessel HUA I LAI HE with a capacity of 400 TEUs will maintain a service from Naples to Koper, than will call at Venice, Ancona and return to Naples, where COSCO or better its daughter company COSCON operates together with MSC a container terminal with a capacity of 500,000 TEUs.

In this way the Port of Koper has new connections with the most dynamic economic regions from Far East (Singapur – with the further connection to Australia, Hong Kong, Shekou, and Shanghai – witch is connected further to Japan) till the west coast of America. Beside that the COSCON terminal in Naples covers also the Mediterranean area, in particular Israel, where regular lines stretch till West Africa.

For all its ports, which are now together with Koper 1301, COSCO ensures also inland connections till final destinations.

The agent representing the company COSCO in Koper is Adria Cargo and remains at your disposal for further questions.

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