In ten years, almost six times more containers for Austria

19.03.2019|The Austrian economy is interested in even closer cooperation with the northern Adriatic.

Luka Koper Day in Cairo attended by both foreign ministers

13.03.2019|Looking for new opportunities in Egypt.

3.4 km of new railway tracks in the port

21.02.2019|New investment to facilitate car terminal operations and increase productivity.

The second railway track to Koper will be finished in 2025

25.01.2019|Green light for the railway line between Koper and Divača.

Information for Exporters Trading with Australia and New Zealand

21.01.2019|Mandatory fumigation of containers as a measure to fight against the marmorated stink bug.

Maritime throughput in 2018

10.01.2019|Total traffic up by 3 percent, growth on almost all cargo segments.